Schneider Media exists to help ecommerce teams publish more blog content.

We don’t believe in long term relationships – with our clients and our client’s customers.

Our principles are:

☐ Invest in brand

☐ Be a disciple to revenue

☐ Turn marketing department into a profit center for CFOs

Founder’s Bio

Schneider Media is owned an operated by Cody Schneider.

Cody is based in the Rocky Mountains and is a veteran digital marketer with 10+ years of experience.

Before Schneider Media, Cody was the Director of Digital Strategy at Reynolds + Myers where he helped mature, publicly traded companies evolve from traditional to digital marketing. He helped design the digital marketing programs for the likes of Boise Cascade, Simplot and others.

His core belief is that companies should think about themselves as media companies who make products, rather than product companies who make media.

Get to know Cody better LinkedIn or codyschneider.com

Schneider Holdings LLC DBA Schneider Media