We build distribution for early-stage startups.

You made a great product. We help you scale distribution.

Startups are taught to be obsessed with product. They aren't taught to be obsessed with distribution. Business requires both — they're two sides of the same coin. isn't just about product. You're a founder who just built a great product, got your first customers, and are starting to feel product market fit — but don't know how to build and scale distribution. We help early-stage stage founders (typically pre-series A) get their first 1,000 true fans, build compounding growth flywheels, and teach you how to build world class growth teams.

We're a match if...

Good fit

Have early product market fit

Know your audience

Have a designer

Have early traction

Are funded and ready to scale

Bad fit

Don't have early product market fit

Don't know their audience

Don't have a designer

Don't have early traction

Aren't funded and ready to scale